Please notify FDNY Carolinas Retirees Association upon member's death.

Call: Bob Gustavson(910) 575-2238 or email FDNY-CRA

UFA Information       Retiree Liaison:;    Jim Dahl               212.683.4832, Ext. 1-5977     Mon., Wed., Fri. 9-4 PM
UFOA Information    Retiree Liaison:     Mike Donovan    212.376.8400                          Mon. thru Fri UFOA Office.

Notification of retired Firefighter's death is made to the FDNY at (718)999-2320 or (718) 999-2321. After notification, the department will send your beneficiary a claim form for $5,800.00 insurance policy with the New York Fire Department Life Insurance Fund.

Surgical Assistance Fund for retired members and widows are available to members that have paid into the fund each year.

UFA/UFOA Surgical Assistance Fund Applications can be obtained by calling (718) 999-1252 or (718) 999-1253.


Increase COLA is being pushed by all N.Y. State Retiree Groups.This bill would increase the cap from $18,000 to $25,000. Remember in two years we will receive all increases without any loss of VSF.


Information regarding Medicare for member and spouses reaching age 65 at Medicare Information

UFA Information

UFA Retirees

SURGICAL ASSISTANCE FUND: R F S B F pays the yearly dues for its eligible Retirees.

UFA members who retired after January 1, 1971 automatically has an insurance policy with the Security Benefit Fund in the following amounts:

Age of MemberAmount Insured
Up to age 49$10,000
50 to 69$5,000
70 and over$2,500

A claim for this policy will be sent to your beneficiary when the UFA receives official notification from the Fire Department by means of Department Orders.

UFA Group Insurance is reduced to one half the amount upon retirement; then further reduced 20% each year after age 65. After age 70, then the group insurance is no longer in effect.

Spouses are covered in member's health plan for one year after death. Spouse may pick up health insurance up to 1 year after death of firefighter at a cost of 102% of the City's contribution. Please review rates to determine if this is the best possible insurance for your situation. If you decide on this option please file the appropriate form within 9 months of the firefighter's death to allow for necessary paperwork. You cannot choose this option after 1 year of the death of the firefighter.

UFA Retiree Health Benefits: UFA Security Benefit Fund

UFA Telephone Numbers

UFA Office                      (212) 683-4832
UFA SBF                       (212) 683-4732
UFA NYC Health Benefits (Retired)      (212) 513-0470

UFOA Information

UFOA Retirees

Surgical Benefit Fund

Retired members are to send the annual dues to the Surgical Benefit fund directly. Annual membership roster are sent to the firehouse for payment of dues for active and retirees who which to particpate in the fund.
Dues not paid by retirees for one year will not be reinstated.

Term Life Insurance

UFOA members are covered under the UFOA Family Protection Plan insured by High Mark LIfe Insurance Company for a Decreasing Term Life Insurance Benefit. Coverage under the program provides:

Age of MemberGroup Insurance in ForceAmount Which Can Be Converted
Less than age 55$25,000-0-
55 but less than 60$20,000$5,000 at age 55
60 but less than 62$15,000$5,000 at age 60
62 but less than 70$10,000$5,000 at age 62
70$0$10,000 at age 70
70$2,000 Death Benefitn/a

Under the terms of the program, you have a 31 day right to convert your reducing coverage to an individual Whole Life policy, regardless of your physical health.

If you decide to convert to this plan, call the UFOA Plan Administrator (212) 293-9300 for rates and applications.

Effective March 1, 2001 benefits offered under the UFOA Retiree Group Term Optional Life Insurance Program was substantially increased. At that time a Benefit Increase Declination letter was mailed to each retiree. If you returned the declination your coverage will remain at the prior level.No action was necessary to enroll in the increased coverage.
If at a later time you decided you want the increased coverage you will have to provide satisfactory medical Evidence of Insurability and that your request may be refused. The letter of declination had to be returned before February 15, 2001.

The Retired Optional Life Insurance ends at age 70.

Member Accepted Coverage

MemberSpouseEach Child

Member Declined Coverage


UFOA Prescription Drug Benefits

As you know from news media and other reports, health care costs are rising at a hefty pace, with prescription drug (Rx) costs outstripping medical plan cost increases. UFOA's Rx plans for active employees and retirees are experiencing the same cost pressures. In fact, costs are now exceeding the City's contributions to these plans.

We have taken significant steps toward ensuring the financial health of the UFOA Rx plans, which will result in some important changes that you will see over the next two months. Some of these changes will be improvements; others will require some restrictions on use of certain drugs, as highlighted below.

• First, we are doing away with the current claim reimbursement approach, in which you pay the full cost of a drug at the Retail pharmacy and then submit a claim to the Fund for reimbursement.

• Effective January 1, 2005, you will present a prescription drug card at your Retail pharmacy, pay the appropriate copay for your drug and the balance of the cost will be billed automatically to the Fund. You also will be able to have your maintenance drugs (cholesterol-lowering, high blood pressure and other drugs that you take on an ongoing basis) filled through Mail Service for up to a 90-day supply.

• UFOA conducted an extensive competitive search for a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to administer UFOA's Rx plans. Effective January 1, 2005, Express Scripts will replace National Medical Health Card (NMHC) as the Fund's PBM. Express Scripts is a leading PBM, which also administers the PICA program for the City. Beginning January 1 st , you will no longer have to carry a separate PICA card as Express Scripts will manage the UFOA plan and the PICA plan on one card.

• In mid-December 2004, you will receive a packet of information from Express Scripts, including a drug card to present at your participating Retail pharmacy and a form to complete and an envelope to send in your maintenance drug prescriptions to Express Scripts' Mail Order pharmacy.

• Between now and mid-December 2004, you also will receive another mailing, which will announce plan design changes, including copay changes and the addition of several clinical programs, administered by Express Scripts, which will include some restrictions on the use of certain drugs. These changes are necessary to help manage the cost of the program more effectively to keep the plans solvent going forward and to ensure that drugs are being prescribed for appropriate conditions. We are doing our very best to ensure that you and your family continue to receive high quality prescription drug coverage through the UFOA. Toward the end of November, look in your mail for a detailed summary of the new program that will take effect on January 1, 2005 and pay attention to the new rules that will apply.

UFOA Telephone Numbers

UFOA Office                               (212) 293-9300
UFOA Information                       (212) 843-8362
UFOA Family Protection Plan      (212) 376-8400
UFOA Retirees                            (212) 376-8400
UFOA Fax                                  (212) 292-1560